The Atlanta Hawks Had One Of The Worst Possessions Of All Time Last Night

I was in the building last night (brag) so I’m just seeing this video for the first time (humble). Wow. That was even worse than I remember from the nosebleeds. Now I wonder if the Hawks drew up a play and Teague just forgot what to do? Or was the call an isolation with an option for Korver who wasn’t open at all because no one else moved? I’m not in Mike Budenholzer’s head, so I don’t know. But he did try explaining it at his postgame presser.

Obviously you want to take time off the clock but Teague didn’t start till only 3 seconds were left. Unless you’re LeBron or Curry there’s a 0 percent chance you can get a good shot off in that time. Also check out Kent Bazemore in the video just chillin in the corner. He doesn’t move from :04 to :18. One could say he really helped space the floor.

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 12.40.02 AM

The lesson here as you start your work week:

You may be incompetent. You may be replaceable. You may have the work ethic of a second-semester college senior with a drinking problem.

But you can’t be worse than this.

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