Remember Cris Carter’s “Fall Guy” Speech To NFL Rookies? It Appears Mike Sims-Walker Was Listening

ESPN– Former NFL receiver Mike Sims-Walker says he offered to take the blame for an encounter at a New York City nightclub that resulted in a chain of events over which New York Jets receiver Brandon Marshall is being sued.

Sims-Walker, in a deposition read aloud Wednesday by attorneys in Marshall’s civil trial for allegedly punching a woman in the face, said Marshall left the club immediately after his wife was struck by a bottle, which left her bloody and crying hysterically after her lip was torn and several teeth were knocked out…

In his deposition, Sims-Walker said he texted to Marshall, “If I need to, I’ll take the blame, I’ll say I hit her,” but was told by Marshall that it wouldn’t be necessary.

“We have the footage,” Marshall told Sims-Walker, declining the offer.

Cris Carter must be so proud of Mike Sims-Walker. That is someone who takes what he learns in the classroom and applies it to the right world. Now Sims-Walker may not have been at that rookie symposium in 2014. And yes the incident in question had already happened before Cris Carter’s speech. But there’s no doubt Carter feels he had an effect on a young man’s life.

In all seriousness though I can’t believe how quickly this video went away. Yes there was outrage. Yes Carter gave a half-assed apology. But there’s no doubt those were Carter’s genuine feelings on the matter. He didn’t tell the players to watch what they do off the field. He told them to have someone ready to take JAIL TIME in case things get out of hand. Just preposterous that Carter said all of that knowing it was on video. And he’s still blabbing on ESPN about the league to this day.

P.S- Teddy Bridgwater’s reaction is perfect.

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