This Little Kid Was Born To Be An NFL Draft Expert

You think this kid wants to go to school? You think he wants to learn algebra and the pythagorean theorem and the history of American politics? Play at recess with the boys and run away from girls with cooties? Nah. Not this kid. While your six-year-olds are playing with legos and learning how to read, this kid is projecting cornerbacks from Iowa in the fourth round. He’s debating what kind of package the Titans could pull for the number one pick and tracking 40 times at the water fountain. Where do you think the Todd McShay’s and Mel Kiper’s of the world come from? They don’t just drop out of nowhere. Being an NFL draft insider is a lifetime commitment. Yeah this cat may not have essential social skills when he gets to high school. But he damn sure can tell you he knew Carsen Wentz would be a bust since age 4.

Honestly if I were his parents I would focus all his time and energy on his craft. Just like if you know your kid’s gonna be a stud athlete. Maybe score him a credential to the high school All-America game for his next birthday present. The future in NFL draft experts is here and it’s this little kid sitting on a bed reading three mock drafts at once.

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