“The Coach’s Son That Nobody Likes” Has Bullied The Michigan State Cornerback Into Transferring

Jermaine Edmondson


Cornerback Jermaine Edmondson, who allegedly was punched in the face by Golden State Warriors star forward Draymond Green over the weekend, has been granted his release from the Michigan State football team.

Spartans coach Mark Dantonio made the announcement on Wednesday night but did not mention the alleged altercation — which was detailed in a police report obtained by ESPN earlier in the day — as the reason why the senior was leaving.

“In discussions with Jermaine Edmondson following spring practice and in the weeks thereafter, it became clear that Jermaine wanted to play a larger role on the team,” Dantonio said. “After consulting with him in the summer, he felt it was in his best interest to finish his playing career elsewhere. We have granted his immediate release to transfer to another institution to have that opportunity.”

You think this is a coincidence? Oh Jermaine Edmondson was unhappy with his role and it just so happened he decided to transfer the day after getting into a fight with famous Michigan State alum Draymond Green?

Uhhhhh no shit he was forced out. That’s what happens when you snitch. Draymond’s “associates” probably had him locked in a room minutes after his side of the story leaked. Probably offered him a sweet deal to get out of town. Couple court side seats to next year’s NBA Finals as long as he keeps his mouth shut. Maybe threw him a couple thousand to recant the accusation. I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if Edmondson threw on a web cam in a Wyoming cabin tomorrow to tell the world he was actually the one that punched Draymond. You mess with a man’s reputation over a little hand to the face, this is what happens. Money talks, baby.

*Jermaine Edmondson opens up his webcam*

“Hello, all. I Jermaine Edmondson just want to say that Draymond Green is totally innocent of punching me in the face. In fact, I was the one who started the altercation as I aggressively bumped into him and then asked if he could pay for my scholarship.

*looks down at script*

“When Mr. Green generously offered to pay half, I punched him in the jaw and told him it wasn’t good enough. He attempted to diffuse the situation through an open dialogue but I escalated the confrontation and then lied about it to the media. Also I am not reading a script from Draymond’s associates nor was I forced off the Michigan State football team for my actions, although that would’ve been a fair and just punishment.”

At the very least you just gotta respect Edmondson’s dedication to bump and run coverage. You don’t see a lot of cornerbacks with that type of hard nosed technique in the league anymore.

So don’t be surprised when this story breaks tomorrow. Guys like Draymond are experts in flipping the narrative.

It’s just like that douchebag coach’s son from little league baseball who I told to run out a ground ball in the ninth. I got taken out of the starting lineup and eventually forced off the team. But according to official documents I had a “toxic” attitude and couldn’t hit a curveball.

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