Team USA Is Obviously Messing With Draymond Over His Dick Pic

You gotta expect this. Like I said I’m cool with Draymond sending out a cock shot but if you post it for the whole world to see, you’re gonna get shit from your teammates. It’s like accidentally ripping a fart in spanish class. Senorita will let it go, but all the kids will clown you until something more embarrassing happens to someone else. Maybe Jill will get axed from her friend group at the water fountain or Billy will explain sex wrong in health class. All it takes is one slip up but until then you might need a new pair of shorts.

So I’m thinking Draymond needs to pull a prank on one of his teammates if he wants out of the spotlight. Or he can leak dirt on them. Does Kyle Lowry have a second family we don’t know about? Did Harrison Barnes make the team because he blackmailed the coach? Does Carmelo Anthony like any girly songs? All Draymond needs is one in and he can set his plan in motion. Alternatively, he can use snapchat as a tool to capture his teammates red handed. I can see the headlines now:

Jimmy Butler Takes Extra Long Shit, Could His Diet Be A Problem?

Did DeMar DeRozan Wash His Hands? I Sure Didn’t Hear The Faucet Running On Draymond Green’s Snapchat

Kyrie Irving Doesn’t Floss

I’m sure Draymond doesn’t care though. He seems to be handling the whole thing pretty well. “Yeah, I sent a dick pic, at least I have people that wanna see it, what about you reporter John, when’s the last time a girl asked you for a picture?” *Reporter runs out crying*

But if Draymond did want to change the narrative, I think I’ve laid out some solid options. Oh, and he could also go after the man spearheading the discussion.

Did DeMarcus Cousins ever sleep with his cousin?

I don’t know, you tell me.

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