Taylor Swift Gets Put On Blast By Kim Kardashian And Is Exposed As A Fraud

So Taylor Swift said she had no idea about Kanye’s line about her in Famous but it turns out Kanye had secretly recorded a conversation with her proving otherwise. This is a big hit to the Swift brand. A carefully cultivated image based on being the innocent “girl next door” who always gets her heart broken.

But if Taylor Swift lied about this at the Grammy’s, what else has she lied about? Makes you think she made up details in her songs. Maybe there really was no Drew?  Did she really “shake it off” or is whatever happened still bothering her to this day? Did she even know that guy was trouble when he walked in or did his actions over time change her opinion of him? When that guy picked her up in Style, were his headlights really off? I guess maybe he wanted to be discreet but is that really a safe way to drive? I don’t even believe there were teardrops on her guitar anymore. I bet it was just raining. Leave it to T-Swift to turn a little outdoor acoustical jam sesh into an exaggerated tale about crying and boys that don’t exist.

There’s just so many questions now. Her whole Red album was probably made while in a healthy relationship. I’m sure she wasn’t even really lost upstate, she was probably just being dramatic. And by god did she even really enjoy age 22?

Even if this whole feud is contrived, this is a huge hit to Taylor’s image which is clearly what she cares most about. I’ll still rock her jams but I’m officially out on Taylor Swift. Unless of course she makes a song about how Kanye hurt her and she needs to pick up the pieces, then I’m right back in.

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