Skip Bayless Has Officially Lost Touch With Reality

Look we all know Skip is a troll. He’s just going for headlines but today on First Take he put together a string of events that needs to be examined.

1. Skip starts off not so crazy. He says Fitzpatrick fumbled the ball, Cowboys recovered, refs blew the call.

Still, the yelling is counterproductive.


Just reading that makes me disagree with him and he hasn’t even made his point yet.

2. Skip gets a little crazier. He claims the referees or someone in New York (guessing Joe the bagel guy from White Plains) watched the replay during a seven-minute commercial break (not sure Skip knows how to tell time).

The referees/Joe from White Plains confirmed it was a fumble and needed to be overturned. But they purposely ignored the evidence and kept the call because they didn’t want to upstage another referee crew on a nationally televised game.

So Skip’s not saying the referees are totally incompetent. He’s not saying they saw the replay but didn’t see a fumble. He’s going with a conspiracy.

3. Now Skip goes off the deep end. He says, “if the referees had correctly awarded the game to my Dallas Cowboys” that Dallas would go on to win in Buffalo next week and then beat the Redskins at home in Week 17.

According to Skip’s logic, Dallas would then win the NFC East because of tiebreakers (conveniently assuming the Skins lose at Philly next week and that neither the Eagles nor Giants win out).

First of all, it’s asinine to assume that one referee call in the Jets game would lead to the Cowboys winning out. Secondly, they would’ve won their last two games? With Kellen Moore? HAHAHAHAHA.

4. At the end of his tirade, Skip calls the game, “The Saturday Night Robbery.”

All that game robbed was my time. I even skipped a hot date to watch (I didn’t have a hot date).

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