Roman Harper Rents Out Apartment On Airbnb For Super Bowl Sunday


This year, for one night only, I’m putting my place up on Airbnb while I head to San Francisco to play the Denver Broncos at Super Bowl 50. In celebration and for those fans who are not able to attend the big game, my family and I are offering the chance for a lucky guest to spend the night! For those who book, we will donate all proceeds to Harper’s Hope 41 Foundation (501c3) that helps enable us to prepare today’s youth for tomorrow’s challenges, and Airbnb will match the proceeds.

On Sunday, February 7, a super fan and their super guest will be able to feel right at home in my living room while I play in this year’s main event. Kick back on my sofa while watching Super Bowl 50 on our 70 inch TV. Upon arrival, feel free to check out our outdoor junior Olympic pool with an expansive deck and deluxe courtyard, or our 4,000 s.f. spa-inspired health club with yoga room and complimentary fitness classes. As evening approaches, prepare your football finest and take advantage of the kitchen — it’s where I (and my mom) spend most of the time preparing for big games!”

Now this is a guy thinking about his future. Roman Harper knows the deal. Your NFL career ends, no more checks coming in, you blow all your money on little cousin Rosita’s college tuition (she ends up dropping out), and boom, your back to square one.

You’ve got to milk your time in the spotlight for all its worth. If you aren’t good enough to snag a sponsorship, go the black market route. Maybe sell a game-used mouthguard. All the greats have done it. Or follow Roman’s lead and sell your bachelor pad as a sex den (I assume that’s what it’s gonna be used for).

I bet Roman’s moonlighting leads to a widespread NFL trend. Who doesn’t wanna make a little money on the side? It’s no different than a drug dealer mixing in some inferior product to a package (been watching a lot of The Wire so I’m up on drug lingo).

And yeah I know the ad says the proceeds go to Harper’s charity. But read the fine print. “Help prepare today’s youth for tomorrow’s challenges.” He’s talking about his children.

P.S- There’s a 79 % chance whoever rents this turns it into a one-night brothel


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