Patrick Peterson and Josh Norman Caring About Their Madden Ratings Is Awesome

I love a good cornerback beef. Two of the best in the game jarring at each other from across training camp is a great way to pump me up for the NFL season. But this isn’t your typical war stemming from on-field shenanigans. Patty Petes didn’t bet burned on an out route while Josh Norman mouthed off from the sideline. Norman didn’t throw hands with Larry Fitzgerald causing Peterson to come out and defend his teammate. The reason for this tension comes from a more relatable source for the common football fan. It’s an old fashioned Madden rating debate. Except instead of a verbal assault from your mailman Franklin over why Matt Schaub should be a 75 and not a 74, it’s a multi-millionaire athlete airing out his frustrating on his own rating. Kind of refreshing, no?

Your typical athlete would probably comment “oh I don’t pay attention to that stuff,” or “it’s all very subjective,” or “Josh is a great player and he’s earned being called a top corner.” Well Peterson says screw that. He doesn’t think EA Sports properly values him and I for one stand by him. All his hard work and interceptions and low opponent passer rating just to be called the fourth best corner in the league? Behind a guy who’s only played at an elite level for two years? 

Just think about when you do something well and don’t get credit for it. Like doing overtime at work without your boss noticing, losing weight and not receiving any compliments, or opening a door for a person who doesn’t say thank you. It drives you crazy. So, yes, maybe it’s a bit petty for Patrick Peterson to be up in arms over this. But being up in arms is basically his job description. And judging from his career pass deflections, he’s fared quite well at that.

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