Pacman Jones Says Antonio Brown Threw Him A Wink After The Burfict Hit


It was after being hit in the head by Bengals linebacker Vontaze Burfict following an incomplete pass that Brown was said to have had a concussion.

Jones didn’t buy that. Jones, talking about the penalty he received for bumping an official after he exchanged words with Joey Porter, pointed out that the Steelers assistant coach was still on the field after Brown had walked off and “winked at us and everything.”

“Antonio Brown was not hurt. I know he was faking it,” Jones said on the show. “Go back and look at the play. If you go back and slow-motion the play, you tell me that Vontaze hit him in the head or did his shoulder pads barely touch him?”

Wait a second are we talking bonafide wink or a may-have-been-a-blink-not-sure wink? Or it could’ve been a twitch too, can’t rule that out. Here Pac, I’ve made a lineup of the most popular winks so you can let me know what type of wink we’re dealing with. It’s just like picking a criminal out of lineup except I made it easier because all the winks are totally different.

Now let’s run through the most likely possibilities.

Wink #1: What you throw when you see your friend Tony down the hall. Nothing fancy, not too showboaty, just to exchange pleasantries. Not typically indicative of malicious intent.

Wink #2: Subtle but strong. If Antonio Brown came up with this then you know he was faking it. That sort of wink reads “this is me acknowledging what I did, so you and I both know, but I’ll never admit to it.” Sneaky job by Antonio if Pacman identifies this as the culprit.

Wink #3: Noise and finger gun. The cockiest type of wink. This is one that would’ve been easily caught by the cameras. I don’t think AB put on that type of show post hit. Too obvious when he’s trying to keep a low profile.

Wink #4: Now this could definitely be it. A simple blink, misconstrued for a wink in the heat of the moment.

Wink #5: The double-eye wink. Used in traditional Chinese culture to signify potential mating interest. Okay that’s not true but I don’t think I’m that far off. 

P.S- Most likely a twitch if seen in its natural habitat. 

Wink #6: If this was the “wink” I think Antonio definitely suffered a concussion.

As for the actual play itself, from this angle it looks like Pacman may have a point. Burfict’s helmet seems to barely scrape Brown’s. But he also stayed on the ground for a long time and may have a concussion, so that’s the opposing argument. Either way, Burfict was going for his head and deserved the penalty. AB either got lit up or is just a terrific actor. We’ll never know.

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