One May Wonder If Damian Lillard Is Focused More On His Rap Career Than Joining The Golden State Warriors

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LeBron James went home to Cleveland last summer. Dwyane Wade went home to Chicago this summer, after Joakim Noah went back to New York and Jeff Teague went back to Indianapolis (and his parents’ basement). With all these players booking return trips, one fan wondered which NBA star would be next to head back to his hometown to ply his trade for the local club:

… and Portland Trail Blazers point guard Damian Lillard — the pride of Oakland, which also happens to be home to a certain reloaded super-team — answered in no uncertain terms that it wouldn’t be him:

So Damian Lillard emphatically stated that he will not be joining forces with his hometown team, the Golden State Warriors. After speculation from one twitter account, it seems as if Dame D.O.L.L.A. does not have any desire to go back and help his childhood home win a title for the first time since 2015. Now I’m not one to speculate, but one may wonder if Dame is too caught up in his own rap career to see that he needs to return home. I’m sure he’s happy in Portland throwing up all the shots he wants, but there comes a time in a player’s career when he needs to focus on rings. Going to Oakland would not only show the people of the Bay Area that Dame is in touch with his roots, it would also quell fan concerns that he is preoccupied with being the highest paid, alpha male on the team. Any public relations professional would tell you that signing with a championship-level team can only help a players image because it means he cares more about winning titles than silly things like points per game and playing time.

Even though Dame is signed through the 2020-2021 season, he could easily get out of his contract if he wanted to. Nobody is stopping him from demanding a trade, sitting out until he gets dealt to the Warriors and signing for the veteran minimum. But with his burgeoning rap career, Dame probably hasn’t considered this option. He’s too busy dropping well-written, creatively delivered lines about growing up in impoverished Oakland to realize he’s on stage in Portland. That’s right, Dame sold out a concert in Portland tomorrow night to celebrate his 26th birthday. All about himself and not the team. It’s no surprise Ron Artest never signed him to his record label, Tru Warier.

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