Odell Beckham and Josh Norman Get In Savage Street Fight On Field

“Roger, they’re like animals.”

“Please, stop screaming, I’m on my way.”

*Hangs up phone and turns to NFL-hired concussion doctors*

“There seems to be some savage fight going on between Odell Beckham Jr. and Josh Norman, I gotta go, remember just destroy the evidence.”

*Roger leaves to do PR damage control*

Concussion doctor: “He knows nobody likes him, right?”

This is what I imagine the scene was like when Roger Goodell found out about the ODB/Norman brawl. Probably didn’t care that ODB wasn’t ejected and that the situation was able to escalate to Beckham running at full speed and launching himself into Norman’s head. This really was like that Step Brothers fight. No rules, head hunting, referees/parents unable to take control. Although I don’t think Josh Norman feared rape.

*Post-game press conference*

Reporter: “Odell, on the sidelines you had the craziest look in your eye. And Josh says at one point you yelled, ‘let’s get it on.'”

Odell: “I am so not a raper!”

So apparently Odell was flagged for a personal foul three times. I thought he had at least six. Dude was grabbing and swinging, it was like a UFC fight. A fight that wasn’t stopped even as both men lay bleeding in the corner.

You just don’t see these types of hard core rivalries in the NFL these days. That part I kind of like. Just two guys, great at their respective positions, butting heads (excuse the phrasing). Reminded me of Cortland Finnegan vs Andre Johnson in 2010 (Finnegan was in this game for the Panthers by the way).

Personally I think Odell should have been thrown out, but I can’t lie, keeping him in led to great theater. As a fan it was entertaining, wondering what Odell would do next. But from a player safety side, he obviously should’ve been ejected, and ESPN is now reporting ODB will likely be suspended one game.

As Norman said, Odell showed the maturity of a little kid. I guess ODB is a lot like Brennan and Dale.

Now just imagine if Norman tried stealing his fancy sauce.

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