Moody’s Point May Be The Most Poignant TV Drama Of Our Generation

So yesterday I watched this Hillary Clinton sketch from last Saturday’s SNL, which led me to watch a Jimmy Fallon Good Burger sketch, which led me down a rabbit hole of old Nickelodean sketches. Thought it’d be a perfect Holiday Throwback roundup (watch the sketches to follow along).

1. The Literals

Am I an idiot if I still find this funny as a 21-year-old? Like God damn why didn’t those girls realize she was taking everything literally and not say those double entendres. Also, miraculous recovery time on that broken finger.

2. Totally Kyle: I 1,000 percent thought Totally Kyle was gonna find the cordless phone under his pillow. Got me with the twist ending, classic Amanda Show.

Another one since that wouldn’t embed:

I give Kyle a pass on this one, radios and toasters kind of look similar. Also I recently put peanut butter on a piece of bread before putting it in a toaster, so I’m not great with appliances either.

3. Good Burger

I would love to have Kel as my server. He always repeats the customer’s order, pretty thorough if you ask me. Also, Jimmy Fallon killed it in this. And Keenan falling out of character at 4:32 on “reciprocated” is fantastic.

4. Crazy Steve

From the post-Amanda Show era, had to mention Crazy Steve, one of the legends of the anger game.

Also, stumbled upon the Drake & Josh theme song, still a jam. Brought back some great memories. Like when Drake told Josh his music player was stolen but didn’t say he was the one who stole it. Or when Drake took an hour to buy a corn dog. Or when he purchased a Mexican robot named Roberto.

I always wanted to be Drake. He slayed with the chicks and we featured a similar haircut.

5. Moody’s Point

The crown jewel of early teen drama. Always left me with more questions than answers.

Who was the real Moody? Did fake Moody ever find her mom? Did the balloon pop? Did Spaulding and fake Moody ever get together? I know she liked that guy Sternum, but it always felt like Spaulding was right for her. Was the fact that he was named after a basketball what held her back?

Anyway I think this show is what caused my irrational fear of hot air balloons, so thanks Moody’s point.

P.S- Fucking Sternum, always knowing the right thing to say at the right time. I wouldn’t be surprised if he found Moody’s mom.









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