Michael Rapaport Just Crushed Another Appearance On The Bill Simmons Podcast

I’m a huge Bill Simmons podcast guy. I listen to almost every one. When it’s late and I’m trying to get some shuteye, I’m all about podcasts. Can’t have the computer open with all that light. And I can’t give my full attention to shows. Just not conducive to conking out.

So I like to fall asleep to the sound of Simmons’ soothing voice. Yesterday’s pod he had all-timer Michael Rapaport on. You may know him from his movies, playing a cop on Louie, or the NBA celebrity game. The guy is the prototypical New Yorker and for some reason the chemistry between him and Bill is palpable.

The highlights:

1. Rapaport having no idea what podcast he is on:

At one point Rapaport stops Bill and asks what podcast he is on. Bill finds it funny but Mike makes a good point. The guy has like a million podcasts. First it was the BS Report, now the BS Podcast. There’s also Channel 33 (which I still don’t understand the meaning of and just reminds me of telling my mom to put Nickelodeon on as a kid), the Ringer NFL pod, the Ringer NBA pod, it’s all very confusing. I lost it when Rap went, “is this Channel 33?”

2. Saying Bill Russell looked homeless at Fenway:

Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 4.45.19 PM

I mean… the man has a point.

3. On Prince: “The World’s Premier Short Stickman”:

Rapaport and Simmons love discussing the greatest stickmen in history. In this episode there was an excellent back and forth on Prince’s under the radar stickman status. Rapaport also told a hilarious story of making eye contact with Prince live in concert and possibly wanting to have sex with him. Matt Dillon, star of You, Me and Dupree, was also inducted into the stickman hall of fame.

4. New York would love a jewish head coach:

Great point on bringing David Blatt to New York. Rapaport made sure to let everyone know “I’m a jew” before saying that Knick fans would love a jewish coach in the big apple.

So everyone should check this podcast out if you enjoy Simmons, Rapaport, the NBA, pop culture, or legendary stickman. The chemistry between these guys is insane.

Also, an aside, when is Simmons’ new site The Ringer actually going to launch? I’m pretty excited for it but these “newsletters” are kind of stupid. Why not just start the site? Or wait and don’t send half-assed Thrones recaps that end up in my spam. I either want the real thing or nothing at all. Just makes me miss the greatness of Grantland.

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