Melania Trump Is Teaching Kids Of All Ages How Not To Plagiarize

melania trump

Everyone’s giving Melania Trump shit for plagiarizing her speech from the First Lady. Well I say she’s doing America a service. She’s teaching the kids of today how NOT to plagiarize. Come on, don’t play dumb with me. We’ve all been there. A little spanish class reading assignment with too many words in spanish? Volleyball practice went too late for you to finish your trig worksheets? Have a friend in class who’s a lot smarter and more diligent than you and want to bump your grade up so your parents don’t think you’re a failure? You plagiarize. It’s an age-old tool of flattery that has become typecast in a negative light in our society. 

My problem with Melania isn’t blatantly stealing Michelle Obama’s speech. It’s the callous and ineffective manner in which she went about ripping off said speech. She could’ve mixed in some adjectives, taken a long pause, not copied everything word for word, added some audience interaction, any of the usual tactics. Instead she got lazy. And that’s a bad message to send to our kids.

Or is it? The media is lambasting (that’s an awesome word) her for one reason. Because she got caught. You never saw me posting an essay on Huckleberry Finn to with a 95 % plagiarism rate. Because we’re goddamn smarter than that. It’s all about taking the main ideas of the speech without copying the exact words. And that’s the exact reason Mr. Trump doesn’t want non-American immigrant types to come into our country. Because they don’t completely understand the American mentality of cheating to get ahead but not being so obvious about it.

This is also a classic case of a hot chick thinking she can get away with anything. You remember in high school when the girl at the popular table talked to you, maybe made light contact with her finger on your chest, and you instantly did all her homework and walked her dog? It’s the same thing here. Melania knows she can say whatever she wants. Sex sells, and that’s how she’ll get people to the polls. It doesn’t matter if it’s blabbering bullshit that we’ve all heard before. You’re gonna do her homework and paint her nails. Only maybe you’ll be a little more low key about it than Melania would.

I just hope if anyone plagiarizes this blog they do it in a discreet and creative way.

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