Magic Johnson’s Shoulder Circuit On Vacation Should Inspire More People To Workout

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If Magic Johnson can get a nice little shoulder set in during a trip to Italy what’s your excuse? Too lazy to get off the couch and into the weight room? If a guy whose had more unprotected sex than he’s had coherent television comments can sneak a deltoid pump on in between wine tasting, I think we all can make more an effort to stage pictures of ourselves working out.

I just don’t understand Magic Johnson. How can a guy who was so smart on the court be so dumb in real life? “Oh I’ll just take a photo of me holding weights over my head and try to make it look candid.” I can’t stop thinking about what the convo between him and Cookie must’ve been like…

“Cookie, take a picture of me working out, I want everyone to see I am working hard on vacation.”

“Magic, we’re in bed.”

*Magic is already on the phone calling concierge for a makeshift bench and assorted weight rack*

The only thing crazier than Magic’s lack of self awareness are the replies to his tweet.

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What planet am I on? Everyone saying how inspirational Magic is for working out on vacation, nobody chirping him for his average technique and lack of more varied weights. I get that Magic is one of the greatest NBA players ever but the guy’s a dope. He’s your buddy who constantly tells you how often he’s at the gym or how much charity he does or how often he flosses. Man, shut up. Do what everyone else does on vacation. Go eat way more than your supposed to and snapchat your friends cool views so they get jealous. Maybe build a sand castle, have a mojito, or fall asleep on the beach with Cheetos crumbs all over you.

Now that’s a picture of Magic I’d like to see.

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