Magic Johnson Would Make A Terrific NBA Insider/Reporter


At Magic Johnson’s request, the Los Angeles Lakers have eliminated his honorary title of vice president and removed his name from the staff directory.

On Saturday, the team said the change was made to clarify confusion about the Hall of Famer’s involvement with the club.

“Earvin will always be a revered and beloved member of the Lakers family, but he does not have a position or role with the organization at the time,” Lakers spokesman John Black said in a statement. “He is not an adviser or a consultant, and his opinions, comments and social media posts are solely his, and do not represent or reflect those of Lakers ownership or management. Hopefully this will eliminate any confusion over this issue in the future.”

Magic Johnson was the ceremonial VP of the Lakers? I thought he was an NBA reporter. Rolling out scoops like, “Steph Curry shot great because he made all of his jump shots,” and “The Cavaliers lost because they scored less points than the Warriors in each of the four quarters.” He tweets out facts so that the average fan will have a greater understanding of the game. It was an honest mistake on my part.

This got me to thinking what makes a great NBA reporter? And does Magic Johnson have these traits?

Charisma- Magic Johnson has AIDS. It’s the elephant in the room, but I said it. That means he probably had sex with lots of woman back in his heyday. Thus, the man has charisma. Just not fidelity, restraint, good decision-making, or basic sexual education.

Access– To be an NBA reporter, you need multiple #sources. And Magic is tight with guys all over the league. I’m sure it wouldn’t be hard for Earv to get dudes to trust him. “Oh I’m just talking to NBA legend Magic, he’s an old friend.” Next thing you know you’re telling him about blowing lines during halftime of a playoff game and Magic’s got you with an air tight, spell-checked tweet. You’d think telling a legendary NBA partier about off-the-court activities would be safe. That’s just the trap the veteran NBA scoopman sets.

Fact-Checking– Has Magic ever tweeted out something untrue? It’s really something to think about. Yes, he’s mostly tweeting out stats we can find in 5 seconds in a box score, but has he ever tweeted out false information? Has he ever reported a trade between two GM’s who had never spoke on the phone? Has he ever rumored a max salary for a player who’s never seen the floor? Has he ever injected opinion or even a third-grade level basketball analysis into his tweets?

I wouldn’t be shocked if Earv was going toe-to-toe with Chris Broussard this free agency season for undeveloped scoops.


I wonder how the Lakers told Magic his VP title was being stripped?

Mitch Kupchak: “Hey Earv, you keep making us look dumb on Twitter, so we’re gonna have to cut the chord with this partnership”

Magic: *opens Twitter app on phone, starts typing*

“Magic Johnson will no longer be honorary VP of the Lakers organization because of dumb tweets. In order to sound smarter, he will have to stop tweeting entirely.”

The guy’s a natural.

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