Luke From The Bachelorette Came Through With An All-Time Rose Ceremony Move Last Night

Luke Pell

Daily Mail

We were thrown for a whirlwind of emotions last night by the Bachelorette. Hometown dates are always one of the most anticipated episodes of the season. Well, besides the date where the Bachelor/Bachelorette sleeps with the remaining contestants, that’s next week. But last night gave us a curveball with a cliffhanger at the rose ceremony. Nobody got cut. Everything’s up in the air. And the reason is because Luke Pell needed to get something off his oddly chiseled chest.

He had to tell JoJo he loved her. Which you may be thinking isn’t that big of a deal. Everyone tells the Bachelorette they love her or “are falling in love with her” or “feel like they are starting to fall in love with her” or “feel like they could, one day, potentially, feel like they may end up falling in love with her.”  The difference here is Luke broke some well-defined Bachelorette rules to make his gesture. He stopped the rose ceremony with an eloquent “JoJo, can I talk to you?” and took her outside to put in a good word for himself before the decision. He’sjust lucky there wasn’t a wall out there because if so Jordan Rodgers would’ve pinned JoJo up against it and made out with her in the middle of Luke’s speech.

We won’t know until next Monday if Luke’s desperate play will get him to the round where everyone gets laid, but we do know this was probably staged by the producers.

“Hey guys, we need one of you to stop JoJo before she gives out the roses and to dramatically tell her you love her.”

Jordan Rodgers: “Why? We all know I’m gonna win this whole thing anyway, can’t we just skip to that?”

“No, no, Jordan, you signed a contract, we have to fake it for a little longer.”

*Robby checks his phone, it’s a text from his girlfriend, he chuckles*

Luke: “I’ll do it. Technically I haven’t told her I love her yet.”

“Great. Set up the lighting.”

I can just imagine Luke forgetting what he was supposed to say and asking for a “line” like Michael Scott in the Deposition episode.

Other highlights of the hometown dates episode included the Rodgers family not actually talking about their falling out with Aaron but alluding to it, Robby’s girlfriend telling everyone he broke up with her just to go on the show, and Chase’s mom sharing a tender moment with JoJo on a ski lift chair in Chase’s backyard.

P.S- I want to audition to be a stand in “brother” for Bachelorette hometowns.

“Tom’s had a complicated past but he’s really grown and we’re closer than ever. And no he isn’t dating his ex anymore.”

I’m a goddamn natural.

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