Leonard Fournette Has Got A Pretty Mean Right Hook

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You know what would be a good way to ruin a chance at an historic season at LSU, one that might include a national title and Heisman Trophy?  Star running back Leonard Fournette being injured in a silly fistfight with a teammate would certainly be one way to do that.

No, rest easy LSU fans. Your Heisman candidate is apparently just fine, but he was caught on video Tuesday in what appears to be a serious fistfight with teammate Garrett Brumfield in a parking lot after practice.

TMZ first reported incident and talked to LSU Associate Athletic Director of Communications Michael Bonnette who insisted the players were simply horsing around. Bonnette also told TMZ there were no injuries involved in what he said was a friendly game in which the two players were trying to tag each other and not punch one another. The video TMZ posted of the incident clearly shows some serious punches being thrown.

“Leonard Fournette fighting his teammate sets a bad example for America’s youth.”

“Leonard Fournette should either be in the gym, practicing, or sleeping. Not in the streets.”

“Did Eli Manning ever get caught fighting a teammate at Ole Miss? This is not how a potential first overall pick is suppose to act.”

Glad we got those narratives out of the way. So I don’t get why news outlets are calling this “a serious fistfight.” That’s just a Tuesday down in Baton Rouge. I’m not even trying to be Mr. Tough Guy or anything, I just don’t think that was a contentious fight. Now of course if you’re an LSU fan or a member of Leonard Fournette’s posse, this isn’t exactly what you want to see. There’s a low chance he gets nicked up from this, but still, if you benefit from him staying on the field you’d rather him not fight a gigantic offensive lineman for no reason.

But for everyone saying this was a serious beef, are you kidding? I’ve seen hotter skirmish’s on the NFL practice turf and those are supposed to “build team chemistry” according to the guy who narrates Hard Knocks. It seemed like a friendly boxing match, as evidenced by the guys watching hootin’ and hollerin’. I’m sure a couple dudes even threw some cash on it. But you don’t see TMZ reporting illegal collegiate athlete gambling. It’s the decline of American journalism, folks.


If you want to criticize Fournette on anything, you can maybe say he was a little slow on the counter jab.

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