Justin Blackmon Arrested Again, Remembering Wide Receiver Flameouts

Man what ever happened to Justin Blackmon. According to Wikipedia (my go-to), he’s still technically under contract with the Jags even though the NFL has yet to reinstate him.

But now after his fourth arrest, third alcohol-related, Blackmon’s chances to play again in the NFL are probably slim. I was thinking, what other wide-receivers kinda fell off the map after having big potential (either from off-the-field issues or not)?

I’ve compiled a list:

Justin Blackmon, Charles Rogers, Mike Williams, other Mike Williams, Josh Gordon, Titus Young, Roy Williams, Charles Williams, Troy Williamson, Matt Jones (Jags)

(threw a fake name in there, see if you can snuff it out)

It’s crazy how many big-time wide receivers flame out either for drugs, alcohol or other off-field issues. But I feel like sometimes they get unfairly vilified by the media. Like, yes, some of these guys have problems they need to address, but let’s not immediately jump to the conclusion they’re bad people. Guys can get help and become productive football players and members of society (example: Brandon Marshall).

By the way, you’ve got to feel for younger Mike Williams (played for the Bucs and the Bills). He was only a fourth-rounder but after first-rounder Mike Williams flamed out, he probably didn’t get much of a chance. Transitive property of being Mike Williams, same name effect, it’s a classic typecast.

The lesson, of course, is if your last name is Williams, maybe have your kid play running back. Just look at Ricky Williams.

P.S- Troy Williamson wanted to fight Brad Childress? That’s hilarious. I don’t know if it would’ve been an easy to take down for Troy though. Childress looks like that guy at your local gym who’s there every morning at 8 doing cardio and box jumps.

JACKSONVILLE, FL - 2008: Troy Williamson of the Jacksonville Jaguars poses for his 2008 NFL headshot at photo day in Jacksonville, Florida. (Photo by Getty Images)          vsbrad-childress-troy-williamson-hate


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