It Appears Andrew Bynum Isn’t Worried About Getting Into “Basketball Shape”


Lot to unpack here. My initial reaction was, “wait, is Andrew Bynum still on the Cavs?” I actually contemplated if he were on injured reserve or if he racked up DNP- Coach’s Decision’s for two straight years. Eventually he eased his way a few rows up from the bench and Dan Gilbert was none the wiser.

But no, Andrew Bynum- former NBA star, still only 28 years old- was just slugging Miller Lites with the common folk as an NBA free agent. And I don’t hate it. People have called him a “bum,” a “has-been,” a “once-was.” But who’s the real loser here? Is it the washed up multi-millionaire sitting court side with weird hair? Or the guy scraping and clawing for every last dollar in the nosebleeds with a regular haircut?

All I’m saying is, life ain’t that bad for Andrew Bynum. He’s worth about $45 million and never has to worry about “reaching his full potential.” That’s too much pressure anyway. He’s probably accepted that he had all the talent in the world but never made it in the league. Now he gets to throw some back and cheer on his former teammates. And apparently do advertisements for “The Ringer.”

Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 12.48.30 AM


97 % chance Bynum took that free Cavs shirt home, threw it on and pretended his career went the complete opposite direction on his mini-hoop.

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