I Love Hearing Martellus Bennett Talk Shit About His Former Teams


Martellus Bennett offers a departure from the traditional Patriots formula for speaking to the media. Instead of sticking to specific, neutral talking points, Bennett speaks his mind.

“We just had a bunch of bitches on the roster,” Bennett said of the Bears teams that he played for from 2013-2015. “That’s why we didn’t win games. And coaches like the bitches.”

“Some people that you want to be the leader is not the guy that’s the leader,” Bennett said of Cutler. “And everyone in the locker knows that this is not the leader, but this is what you want the face of the team to look like.”

Let Martellus speak! You don’t have to agree with what the former Bears/Cowboys tight end says. You don’t even have to be someone that generally speaks their mind. You just need to be a fan of entertainment. And the truth. Martellus Bennett shouldn’t be confined by the shackles of Goodell and the Belichickian regime. If he wants to say Jason Witten was boring and never muttered a word to him, I want to hear it. If he wants to bash Jay Cutler as the faux-leader of the Bears, come on, we already knew that. I’m sick and tired of the Patriots rhetoric– that nobody can speak their mind, everyone needs to act like a robot.

Bill Polian just said on ESPN that Martellus is “breaking rule number 1” in the Patriots organization. What does it really matter if Bennett is throwing out barbs on Tuesday as long as he is producing on the field come Sunday? Yes, if Bennett was a below-average football player and kept making headlines, I’d understand the concern. But he’s a top target for Brady right now. Who cares if he’s “bringing negative attention to the Patriots.” Dude’s a beast on the field and he actually gives honest soundbites rather than canned, cliched answers that nobody wants to hear. He’s a breath of fresh air. Let him be.

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