I Don’t Think Brett Favre Has Ever Taken Off This Pair Of Wrangler Jeans

This picture could be from 2012 and I wouldn’t be surprised at all. Like Favre probably loves this picture of himself so much he just repurposes it whenever he feels like it.

“Hey Linda (I know that’s not his wife’s name, but go with it), could you take a pic of me real quick watching the game? No, take it again, I wasn’t flexing my tricep. Damn, sorry, again I wasn’t holding the remote nonchalant enough.”

I mean this is exactly the image in my mind when I think “I wonder what Brett Favre is doing right at this moment.” Hanging in his recliner chair, which is probably the only chair he owns, remote in hand, Wrangler jeans.

Would you be shocked if this is the only pair of Wranglers Favre owns too? He probably doesn’t even take them off either. Family wedding? Invite said black tie optional. Summer day at the beach? You never know when a cold front will hit. Sex? Nah, just whip the legendary three-incher through the fly and go at it.

*Brett’s wife texts from business trip*

“Brett, you’re not cheating on me again right? Stacy said she saw you at our neighbor’s house just now.”

“Linda, I’m home.”

*Sends pic with message*

Screen Shot 2016-01-10 at 7.32.07 PM








“Brett I took that picture of you three years ago.”

“Oh yeah.”

P.S- There’s about a 0 percent change Brett Favre has ever used that fireplace in his life. Probably throws a bunch of wood in there every so often but has no clue how to actually light it.

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