George Hill Has No Idea How Lucky He Is To Be Broken Up With By Voicemail

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The Indiana Pacers traded Hill to the Utah Jazz in June, and it has since come out that Hill was informed of the trade via voicemail. 

According to Scott Agness of Vigilant Sports, “After a workout, Hill first learned he was traded when he listened to a voicemail from Pacers president Larry Bird saying, ‘We had to trade you to Utah.'”

Hill told reporters, per Agness: “It came as a surprise. Last time I checked, I was supposed to retire from Indiana. Very surprising, but I know this is a business and anything can happen.”

George Hill should be thanking his agent that he got a phone call. Most professional sports franchises wouldn’t have the decency to give their starting point guard a heads up. We’ve heard stories of players finding out from a text, ESPN, Twitter or even heading to the stadium only to be told they were traded weeks ago. Now that guy may have suffered a concussion, but I’m sure it didn’t affect his trade value because we can’t discriminate anymore in today’s society.

Hill only would’ve had cause to be offended if he were broken up with in a more humiliating way. Like if Larry Bird had shot him a DM.

Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 3.48.48 PM

Or a snapchat (classic old guy move having no clue where to put the caption)

larry bird snapchat

But no. Larry Bird called George Hill up to give him the news mouth to mouth. Just like it was done in the olden days before players had free will to change teams and owners could get fired for saying something slightly racist. But it wasn’t good enough for Georgie boy. You gotta wonder what he was expecting. A fruit basket with a plane ticket to Utah in the cantaloupe? A free gift card to a waterpark near Salt Lake City? Maybe the number of the hottest meth dealer in town? I don’t know what George Hill wanted, but I do know he was expecting too much. Like on the court in Indiana when he expected Lance Stephenson to “behave appropriately” or Roy Hibbert to “cut after a screen.” It’s demands like these that probably led Indiana to seek a new home for Hill after all.

And did Hill expect the Pacers not to leave a message? Call him and if he didn’t answer just keep calling? If his phone had 78 missed calls on it he’d either think a family member had passed or Monta Ellis learned how to make a jump shot.


George’s Twitter still features himself in a Pacers jersey. That’s like if your boyfriend still has you in his profile picture one month after you broke up. Get ahold of yourself, George. It’s over. Sally’s moved on to a better man.

Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 3.41.08 PM

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