Game Of Thrones Kinda Sucked Last Night But Nobody Wants To Admit It

This may be a controversial take but I’ve been thoroughly disappointed with the last three episode of Game of Thrones. Last night’s episode just didn’t do it for me. I have three main reasons why so let’s do this in list form.

I don’t care about Edmure Tully/The Blackfish:

This storyline took way too much time for a late season episode. I don’t even remember who Edmure Tully is, much less know what his point in the greater story is. I know he was the groom at the Red Wedding who was captured by the Frays. So now the Frays are trying to use him to take control of the castle at Riverrun, until Sir Jaime Lannister marches in and takes Edmure himself. The Kingslayer then sends Lord Edmure into the castle where, shockingly, he is a plant for Jaime Lannister just as The Blackfish predicts. Edmure orders the killing of The Blackfish and Jaime takes control of Riverrun.

But who cares? Thrones has been building up the return of The Blackfish for some time now only to have him serve as a castle gatekeeper who’s accepted death. I just don’t see the point. In great drama, actions are supposed to have a place within the larger narrative scope. You want to be surprised by developments but also go, “oh, shit, that actually makes sense, I should’ve seen that coming.” Nothing about the Riverrun arc the past few episodes seems well developed or important to me. I guess it just shows that Jaime will do anything to get back to Cersei? We already knew that. Or that Jaime has a soft spot for Brienne and Pod? We also knew that.

Arya killing the Waif was too obvious:

Let’s start with the good. Arya cutting the candle with her sword, which gave her an advantage by fighting in the dark, was a nice touch. HOWEVER, the lead up to this moment was just unrealistic and excessive. To go back to last episode, the Waif, disguised as a kind old lady, finds Arya under Jaqen’s orders and twists a knife into her gut. Of course, the Waif doesn’t make sure Arya’s actually dead, and soon enough Arya’s recovering with the help of Lady Crane. But wait! The Waif finds Arya and chases her across Braavos in just a totally ludicrous scene. Somehow the Waif can’t get to her (even though the former Faceless Men apprentice is falling onto stone and bleeding everywhere), until the two square off in Arya’s quarters where the aforementioned candle cut happens.

It’s all just too convenient. Believe me, I’m happy Arya put the Waif’s face on the wall and that Jaqen let her go with her name in tact. But the whole buildup was too unbelievable. All those scenes at the House of Black and White of Arya learning to be “No One.” Seriously just a waste of time. The only part that paid off was Arya learning to fight blind.

P.S- What kind of name is the Waif? Why did we all agree on calling her that when it makes me crave a chocolate wafer?

King’s Landing “I Choose Violence”:

I’m starting to hate all the action (or lack thereof) in King’s Landing. With the Tyrells and Jaime gone, Cersei is the only interesting character in the Red Keep. And now her own son Tommen has completely turned on her, as the King announces there will be no more trial by combat. What a contrived plot device. It seems like the Thrones writers just said, “Hey, we need a way to make it harder for Cersei to go free. Let’s just have Tommen ally himself with the Faith and ban trial by combat!” No rhyme or reason, just strictly arbitrary in order to make it harder for Cersei. My guess is Jaime will come back with an army at the last second and kill the entire Faith Militant.

I’m just tired of the stagnant storylines. If The High Sparrow has total control in King’s Landing, which by now he does, why isn’t Cersei rotting in a prison like Margaery was? I don’t want to see that happen, but based upon who holds the power of the Iron Throne, that seems like the most realistic outcome.

Let’s just hope Margaery’s plan to fake devotion to the Faith actually has an endgame. Cause if not, I’m gonna need the “Battle of the Bastards” to be the coolest Game of Thrones fight ever. Wun Wun demolishing Ramsay Bolton may be the only way to salvage this season.

Wun Wun

In conclusion, I need more White Walkers, Battle for Winterfell, Bran Stark flashbacks, Daenerys and Tyrion. Enough with the sideshows. Let’s get to the important stuff.

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