Fuller House Has No Idea What A Teaser Is

Maybe I’m just a Full House purist. But this was trailer trash (they pay me by the pun).

I miss the days of the gang cruising along to “Everywhere You Look” (I have no idea what half the lyrics are). Miss Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen before they found out drugs were fun and if you eat absolutely nothing, you’ll be skinny. Miss Kimmy Gibbler’s old boyfriend Duane and his limited, yet moving, vocabulary.

This teaser just didn’t do much for me. First of all the music’s depressing. Sounds like it belongs in a Sarah McLachlan commercial. And it seems like the show will have absolutely no plot. Uncle Jesse and Joey will reuse their old lines. Danny Tanner’s gonna teach life lessons to his grandson Jackson. And ole Comet will sniff around even though that can’t possibly be Comet (I’m gonna pretend it is).

Speaking of Joey, I miss that guy. Just a lovable uncle who could never get a date. Feel like he would do better with the ladies in this day and age. He was before his time.

P.S- What’s the difference between a teaser and a trailer? Maybe a teaser is for television shows and a trailer for movies? Can we just agree on that because then people call it a “teaser trailer” which just puts my mind in a pickle.

Also you’re lying if you say a young DJ didn’t used to get it going. Long-hair DJ over short-hair DJ any day though.










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