Every Single Dude In The NFL Is Signing With Jacksonville Or Oakland

What happened to traditional power structure? Jacksonville and Oakland are never potential playoff teams. They are supposed to be the doormats of the league. The easiest records to predict every year. The kid on the playground who gets his glasses knocked off, atomic wedgied on the way down, then falls over and farts as the girl he likes points and laughs.

It’s natural selection. Survival of the meanest. New England/Indianapolis/Denver = Good. Cleveland/Jacksonville/Oakland= Bad. Bullying is the fabric of America and without it, we wouldn’t have underdog stories. Kids wouldn’t learn how to stand up for themselves. Followers wouldn’t know who to follow. It seems these two perennial bottom feeders are now on the upswing and I for one am appalled.

In all seriousness, these signings are huge for the Jags and Raiders. Just look at Jacksonville’s offense. Blake Bortles, a young stud at quarterback, already with an elite receiver in Allen Robinson and a dependable number two in Allen Hurns. Julius Thomas coming off an injury (he’s still only 27 and had some stud seasons in Denver). Now a backfield combo of T.J. Yeldon AND Chris Ivory? That should be a top tier AFC offense.

The big questions come on the defensive end for the Jags but signing Malik Jackson is a good start for a D-line that will get Dante Fowler back from injury. Keep in mind the Jags also have the 5th pick in the draft and they clearly have needs in the secondary.

As for Oakland, signing Bruce Irvin gives The Raiders a lethal linebacker combo in Khalil Mack and Irvin. Derrick Carr, Latavius Murray and Amari Cooper make up a solid offensive core and with the Broncos iffy quarterback situation, the door could be open out West.

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