Doug Christie’s Wife Has An Odd Way To Tell If He’s Cheated Or Not

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So apparently Doug Christie’s wife checks his balls to see if he’s cheated on her. Listen, I’m no authority on marriage, but I think if Jackie Christie is grabbing Doug by the wings every time he steps in the house, their marriage may need a little more trust. Jackie does say that in their 20 years of marriage she’s sure Doug has remained faithful. But if you’re tugging at his sack like a goddamn piñata to see if anything’s left, you may want to either implement a Hall Pass or add the Find My Friends app.

Also does this system even work? How can you tell for sure? There’s no way Jackie Christie would’ve been able to handle George Costanza. Not that George would be going around snagging chicks, but because he suffers from the common problem known as shrinkage. Any time Costanza got out of that shower Jackie would suspect outside assistance.

*Jackie walks in bathroom, George is masturbating”

“Oh my God.”

*Jackie slips and falls, hits her head*

*She wakes up in the hospital*

“I walk in and my husband is treating his body like an AMUSEMENT PARK.”

George whispers: “It’s genius, Jerry, genius. This is my way out of the marriage!”

It’s a good thing Doug Christie doesn’t fear commitment or he’d be hoarding Glamour magazines just hoping to get caught.

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