Dez Bryant Just Ethered Skip Bayless On Twitter For Not Being A Real Cowboy Fan

God damn I love when professional athletes mix it up with the rest of us. Dez Bryant is unlike other athletes. He won’t just pretend not to hear the criticism. Pretend not the hear the Skip Bayless’s of the world mouthing off on morning sports talk shows. It’s always funny to me when athletes act like word doesn’t get to them.

“I don’t pay attention to that stuff, I’m too busy in the gym, reading the playbook, fighting crime, curing cancer…”

Of course word gets to them. I’m sure any time their name is in the media, especially on a prominent network like ESPN, they get calls and texts from agents, fans, random homeless men who found their number on an index card near a dumpster and just want a couple bucks and a hug. It’s all bullshit when athletes say “their only focus is in the locker room,” or “they’re not thinking about free agency.” Come on. You’re human. You’re debating which city has the best vietnamese cuisine and which has the cheapest tail.

But not Dez. He’s a real dude, like a Martellus Bennett type who I blogged about earlier today. With the help of some twitter folk, Dez delivered a Hiroshima-esque bomb on Skip. Now maybe the anchor of FS 1’s “Speak For Yourself” or “Undisputed” or “Garbage Time With Katie Nolan” or whatever the show’s called will finally shut up.

P.S- Hey Katie sorry I grouped you in with them, worked for the joke.

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