DeMarcus Cousins Has No Idea What The Kings Are Doing Probably Because He’s Not An NBA GM



DeMarcus Cousins said he does not understand the Sacramento Kings‘ decisions in the NBA draft but emphasized that he plans to “control what I can control.” …

“I can’t control [the draft decisions],” Cousins said. “I control what I can control. I don’t really understand it, but I do my job.”

Shortly after the Kings drafted Papagiannis, Cousins tweeted what many perceived to be a critical reaction to the pick.

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Cousins later denied that the tweet was about the Kings’ draft, telling ESPN that he was referring to a yoga class.

Hey DeMarcus, why don’t you stop questioning your front office and focus on getting into basketball shape? Summer League is over. No more hanging out on the bench cracking jokes with your buddies while the youngins drip sweat on the hardwood. The shine is on you now, DeMarcus, and from your career so far it doesn’t look like you’re a winning player. Maybe spend less time bashing Vlade Divac’s inept drafting practices and start running more wind sprints at practice. Step up to the free throw line and get out of the McDonalds line. Stretch your quads before playing defense on the block rather than doing Yoga like a girl. How the hell is a praying mantis pose gonna improve your back to the basket game anyway? If anything it’ll teach you to play more of a face up style which could instill bad habits. You’ll never get pick-pocketed if you’re boxing out your opponent with a firm grip on the rock, just ask any fourth grader in youth basketball camp this week.

My point is stop questioning management decisions. You get paid to PLAY not to whine like a baby because your shooting guard’s Kosta Koufos and your team just drafted a 6’11 guy who sucked in college. Yes, Vlade and Vivek’s draft strategy makes as much sense as a pre-flop fold with pocket aces, but who is DeMarcus to question their leadership? All they’ve done is run a fine-tuned organization with minimal distractions and a consistent coaching staff in a city that is so strong fans wouldn’t even shed a tear if they left.

But I wouldn’t be surprised if the Kings relocated to Central America, after Anaheim and Seattle didn’t work out. They’d cultivate a strong home court advantage in gaining the support of an entire continent and making traveling difficult. Also they could then be called the Latin Kings.

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When I was interning at a sports radio station in Boston this spring, some guy called in and swore it was “LeMarcus Cousins” not “DeMarcus.” That guy was CRAZY.

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