DeAndre Jordan Has An Expiration Date Set For His Friendship With Draymond Green

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“I wouldn’t ever think I would be friends with certain guys four months ago … Before, there was no way I’d invite certain guys to my house … We just have a good time, we’re a bunch of guys who range in age from 25 to I don’t know how old Carmelo is … 40?”

However, don’t let their newfound friendship fool you — as soon as the Olympics conclude, the working relationship is a wrap and they will return to their respective trenches, on opposite sides of the battlefield, before the 2016-2017 campaign begins:

This is really nice to see. Two ultra competitive NBA players on rival teams coming together for the good of the country. To form an unlikely bond over swatting away shots from tiny Venezuelans and “accidentally” purchasing buy one get one free lap dances at the men’s spa. But like all good things, it must come to an end. A pre-determined end. On August 22nd, directly after the US brings home the gold, DeAndre will stop responding to Draymond’s texts. Like an ex-girlfriend or boyfriend finally building up the self confidence to restrain.

I applaud DJ for this announcement because there’s no bullshit involved. He doesn’t want Draymond sending him an Evite to a Labor Day barbecue or inviting him over for NFL Sunday. And he definitely doesn’t want to take the big step forward of becoming Snapchat friends.

It’s just like when you buy a gallon of milk at the store. You’re using that jug to wash down a couple dozen chocolate chip cookies and then you’re done. If you leave it in the fridge it will eventually sour. DJ understands this principle, so he’s letting Dray know now before he gets too attached.

“It’s not you, it’s just the team you play for, the way you behave on the court, your demeanor, and also you smell.” – DeAndre


Leaked future DM’s between Draymond and DJ


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