David Amerson Is A Better Cornerback Because He Gave Up His Madden Franchise

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David Amerson finished last season as one of the NFL’s most-improved cornerbacks. Deep-sixing the Xbox helped.

After signing a four-year, $38 million extension last week, the Raiders cover man explained how he went from getting cut by Washington last September to becoming a plug-and-play starter for Oakland.

“It wasn’t really rocket science, to be honest with you. Once I got here, I matured,” Amerson said Tuesday, per Comcast SportsNet Bay Area. “Instead of going home and playing video games all night and stuff like that, it was a much different approach. I was going home and I was in my playbook or watching the film or looking at my notes on whatever team we were playing that week. It was really just the little stuff. That’s what football is.”

Who knew you could become an elite NFL cornerback just by giving up video games? If I spent more time practicing my lateral quickness on the turf than I did throwing actual laterals in Madden, maybe I could’ve been an NFL player too. I just always thought that working on my play-calling and line of scrimmage adjustments in franchise mode would mold my mind more than taking shots from high school linebackers with poor tackling technique. I assumed working on jukes and spin moves in running back mini camp would help my agility more than three-cone drills with a high school coach who never played above the junior varsity level.

But I guess I was wrong. It appears that more time running out routes and less time calling hot routes makes more of an impression on NFL coaches. I wonder what clicked with David Amerson that playing with himself in Madden wasn’t actually improving his game. My guess is he could never find the right level of play that worked for his skill level. It’s the classic Madden dilemma. All-Pro is too easy but All-Madden is impossible. Sure, you could make your own custom sliders but you always forget which sliders work best. Then you start thinking about mini hamburgers and next thing you know you’re six games into franchise mode with a White Castle crave case on your belly. The problem is you can complete 85 % of your passes in All-Pro while snapchatting your girlfriend, but it takes five or six tackle attempts to stop a simple HB Cutback in All-Madden.

Amerson must’ve got tired of Madden’s shit, so he started practicing defending the wheel route and working on his footwork in zone coverage. He became a ball hawking cornerback and a film watching lunatic. Now if only he stops playing NFL Street he may become a Pro-Bowler.

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