Commenting On Stephen A. Smith’s Comments: Advice To The Los Angeles Lakers

I am debuting my newest segment here. Actually I don’t have any segments so I’m debuting my first segment. Commenting On Stephen A. Smith’s Comments will serve to contextualize Stephen A. Smith’s Comments. Call this a piece of analytical prose if you will. Call it an education for the little people who don’t have the intellectual capacity to keep up with Smith’s jargon. Call it an exercise in finding truth where there usually is none. Or don’t call it any of that. So here’s the debut of, “Commenting On Stephen A. Smith’s Comments.” The greatest brain tease you’ll have all day. Assuming you don’t get hit with any more brain teases.

*note: I sometimes cut quotes short because they’re more funny that way.

To the video:

1. “He ends up being the fall guy for two very bad teams”

What are the chances Stephen A. was thinking of co-worker Cris Carter’s fall guy speech when he said this?

2. “He had a 2-year deal with a 2-year option, so he had the last 2 years and then the Lakers had the option to pick up the last 2 years.”

Stephen A. just boiled down a convoluted contract situation into layman’s terms. Really well done. Also I have no idea what he means.

3. “He’s not gonna be the coach for the Los Angeles Lakers anymore because they stunk.”

I see Stephen’s been refreshing himself on the NBA standings. Excellent reporting skills.

lakers suck

4. “He’s a guy that’s very suited to coach veteran squads. Guys that have been around for a while and really really know how to play this game. As opposed to having to teach the game.”

Byron Scott has no idea how to teach basketball.

5. “When you consider the dysfunctionality of the Los Angeles Lakers particularly as it pertains to Jim Buss.”

I feel like he could’ve just said dysfunction. But adding a suffix to a word makes you sound smart so I guess he used it correct.

And that wraps up the first edition of “Commenting On Stephen A. Smith’s Comments.” Hope you liked it. And feel free to leave comments on my comments about Stephen A. Smith’s comments.

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