Agent Gaad walked into that Thailand hotel room expecting one thing. Lots of sex with his Thai wife, well-cooked Thai food, and no KGB guys trying to extract information from him. Okay, that was more than one thing, but it sounds more dramatic that way.
One fatal flaw cost local college chef, fraternity star, stud athlete, and charity-minded Drew Friedman a fortune. Drew raced through the first two rounds like a kid coming out from behind a tree. His technique was flawless. His smile captivated. His charisma resonated, not just with viewers but also the Rutgers sorority girl who was Chopped simply because she couldn’t look away.
In honor of the Oscars, I’ve created an alternate Academy Awards. A brand new award show that recognizes excellence in sports, within the categories of film. Think of it as a Dundies for pro sports. Although it won’t be hosted at Chili’s.