The problem is our streets are littered with youths who’d rather find fake Pokemon than a real girlfriend. At least in the new Netflix series Stranger Things, Mike was looking for both. Yeah, he was searching for a gate to a new dimension, but he was also macking Elle on the side. No shame in that.
Contrary to the tone of this title, I actually like the idea. You got your Twitter feed up on the side of your screen and the game to the other. You can immediately tweet your thoughts and probably rewind and post awesome plays. Also it’s free which is huge for people who have cancelled cable subscriptions.
What happened to traditional power structure? Jacksonville and Oakland are never potential playoff teams. They are supposed to be the doormats of the league. The easiest records to predict every year. The kid on the playground who gets his glasses knocked off, atomic wedgied on the way down, then falls over and farts as the girl he likes points and laughs.
In Seattle’s last eight games, Russ threw 25 touchdowns and only two picks, posting a passer rating 123.7 or above six times. Like the Steelers, the ‘Hawks were a popular pick late this season to sneak into the playoffs and make noise. But after Seattle’s week 16 loss to St. Louis, the hype has vanished.
Listen, everyone’s on the Chiefs. My grandma, your grandma, your grandma’s housekeeper, your aunt’s best friend’s flower guy, Andy Reid, Andy Reid’s electrician, and even my fellow WTBU staffers. And I can see why. The Chiefs haven’t lost a game since October.
As usual, it seems like the NFL is trying to protect its own backside. They don’t want to fund a study that will show how prevalent head trauma is in the NFL because 1) It will expose the league again for not doing enough and 2) It could impact viewership.
It’s the same old rhetoric. “We played hard,” “We battled,” “Coach drew up a great game plan,” “I’m just here so I won’t get fined.” Unfortunately, sports press conferences have become totally void of insight. Reporters ask questions like, “LeBron,