You know when you try to secretly snipe a snapchat video of your friend saying something he shouldn’t? Or just a pic of him making a funny face? That’s the situation we’re in except D’Angelo Russell is recording Nick Young admitting to cheating on his fiance and then spreading the video all over social media.
I may be late to the party on this one but I recently noticed that Jae Crowder tweets only in all caps. So I did a little research (scrolled back until I got bored) and I can conclude 100 % that Crowder has never tweeted in lowercase.
*Lawson pulls over* Officer: “License and registration pleas– Hey Ty, how’s it going? Good to see you again.” Ty: “Officer McNulty, what’s up man, how are the kids?” Officer: “Good, Cindy’s in grade school and Christy just made honor roll. She’s got her mother’s brain (chuckles).
Markieff: “No, coach, I wasn’t throwing that towel at you, was just throwing it at that chair.” *points at chair not remotely close to Hornacek” Markieff: “Didn’t mean to hit you, I have bad aim, just look at my field-goal percentage. But if you think I was trying to hit you and want to trade me, that’s cool too.”
It’s the same old rhetoric. “We played hard,” “We battled,” “Coach drew up a great game plan,” “I’m just here so I won’t get fined.” Unfortunately, sports press conferences have become totally void of insight. Reporters ask questions like, “LeBron,
ESPN While it wasn’t exactly a warm greeting, Sacramento Kings coach George Karl and center DeMarcus Cousins shared a handshake Monday at the NBA summer league. As Karl approached Cousins at the summer league, Cousins shook the coach’s hand, put
So I picked up a little sweat at the gym today. Nothing major, just a little pickup basketball with some random asian guys bros.  My team went 0-2 but you could say I was a top performer. You could also say I
via “Even if you don’t follow the NBA, there’s a good chance you know who Riley Curry is. Stephen Curry’s 2-year-old daughter stole the sports spotlight Tuesday night when she made an appearance during the Warriors star’s press conference following Golden
Before anyone cared about where I would work as a summer tennis attendant, I was a kid from Beachway. It’s where I walked (to school). It’s where I ran (a semi-profitable lemonade stand). It’s where I cried. It’s where I bled.
Crisp cuts, sharp pick and rolls and rapid ball movement are some traits that constitute a quality pickup basketball game.  Unfortunately, when you play with people that do not know the game of basketball (or people that possess idiosyncratic characteristics),