A great Friday wake-up to get the blood flowing. We’ve all wanted to run on the field. We’ve all wanted to feel the outfield grass. The rush of juking security. The fear of getting caught. The thrill of hiding behind Johnny Damon’s ass.
I can see why Gibbons is pissed. He’s an old school baseball guy. Probably says things like “put one on his chin” and actually carries a book of written. unwritten baseball rules. I’m sure he makes his kid finish a full bag of sunflower seeds each night before bed and disciplines the kid by making him sleep without shoes.
It’s Opening Day and snowing in the northeast. This is terrible news. The start of spring and baseball season and my car’s skidding on the way to work. The Red Sox are cancelled in Cleveland without any precipitation, the Stros are postponed at Yankee Stadium and Twins/Orioles just got delayed for the third time today at Camden.
Look someone had to say it. I understand where Harvey is coming from in not peeing enough. Sometimes you’re not in a situation conducive to going. Next rest stop isn’t for 30 miles. You just went 10 minutes ago and you don’t want to seem weird. You’re really comfortable on the couch and the bathroom is a two minute walk away.
It’s the same old rhetoric. “We played hard,” “We battled,” “Coach drew up a great game plan,” “I’m just here so I won’t get fined.” Unfortunately, sports press conferences have become totally void of insight. Reporters ask questions like, “LeBron,