In honor of the Oscars, I’ve created an alternate Academy Awards. A brand new award show that recognizes excellence in sports, within the categories of film. Think of it as a Dundies for pro sports. Although it won’t be hosted at Chili’s.
*Lawson pulls over* Officer: “License and registration pleas– Hey Ty, how’s it going? Good to see you again.” Ty: “Officer McNulty, what’s up man, how are the kids?” Officer: “Good, Cindy’s in grade school and Christy just made honor roll. She’s got her mother’s brain (chuckles).
So I picked up a little sweat at the gym today. Nothing major, just a little pickup basketball with some random asian guys bros.  My team went 0-2 but you could say I was a top performer. You could also say I
via “Even if you don’t follow the NBA, there’s a good chance you know who Riley Curry is. Stephen Curry’s 2-year-old daughter stole the sports spotlight Tuesday night when she made an appearance during the Warriors star’s press conference following Golden
Before anyone cared about where I would work as a summer tennis attendant, I was a kid from Beachway. It’s where I walked (to school). It’s where I ran (a semi-profitable lemonade stand). It’s where I cried. It’s where I bled.
Hey everybody, Valentine’s Day is coming up! It’s such a great holiday, right? I mean you got Cupid, chocolate, heart-shaped boxes, real love, fake love, online dating, last minute Tinder profile edits, well-thought-out Tinder profile edits, and even desperate, late-night,
Picture it. Your local college, office building, elementary school, major league soccer practice facility, liquor store, warehouse, junior high (nobody calls it this), or YMCA (do these still exist?), is anticipating a massive snowstorm. You are expected to be snowed-in
Crisp cuts, sharp pick and rolls and rapid ball movement are some traits that constitute a quality pickup basketball game.  Unfortunately, when you play with people that do not know the game of basketball (or people that possess idiosyncratic characteristics),