Carmelo Anthony Is That Friend Who Refuses To Partake In Group Singalongs

Melo ain’t having it…😂

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Group sing-alongs are important. In fact they may be the most integral part of friendships. Ever take an impromptu trip to 7-11 with the windows down? Or a McDonalds run after a raucous high school party? It was these car trips that bonded your friend group. It didn’t matter if your buddy got rejected by his crush that night or if the drive-thru ran out of barbecue sauce. You belted out whatever the driver put on and you didn’t complain. You went for those crescendos and harmonized on the chorus. You sang love songs and How To Save A Life with everything you had. 

This is what makes what Melo did so disrespectful. You want to sit out games with fake injuries, not hustle down the court, showboat up 20, that’s fine. But refusing to participate in a group singalong? To One Thousand Miles by Vanessa Carlton? I mean look at the camaraderie in this video. Look at the boys’ faces. Jimmy Butler legit may have been the happiest he’s ever been in his life.

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And Carmelo’s just sitting there like he’s some kind of tough guy. Like a guy who plays defense on the court. In all seriousness, you need to have a guy like this on the squad. The elder statesman who doesn’t partake in nonsense. The older brother who makes fun of your tunes. Just know that if Melo ever pulled this move on a drunk Wendy’s run he’d be kicked out of the car so fast you’d think he messed up a lyric.


Great response from Vanessa Carlton:


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