Brian Windhorst Makes Crucial Typo In Biggest Report Of His Life

And finally the last domino falls. Well Lance Stephenson’s still out there so maybe not the last domino, but one of the end domino’s for sure. It’s the moment Brian Windhorst has been waiting his whole summer for. He’s been camped outside LeBron’s house just waiting for a tip. He’s been snooping around Dan Gilbert’s office like Costanza avoiding Steinbrenner. He hasn’t talked to his family in months. He hasn’t eaten, slept, showered or brushed his teeth in weeks. Okay, you got me, he’s definitely eaten. But only McDonalds and chocolate chip granola bars while he’s staked outside an Akron Bank of America, just hoping James will swing by and make a deposit.

Well the moment finally came and Windhorst absolutely blew it. It’s like when the drummer butchers his solo in middle school pep band. You can’t re-do your crescendo and you sure as hell can’t edit a tweet. Windhorst will be kicking himself about this until his next LBJ report. He just strikes me as the perfectionist type.

Screen Shot 2016-08-11 at 6.18.57 PM

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