Blair Walsh Misses Chip Shot, Fictional Girlfriend Goes Back To Former NFL Lover

“Hey honey, how was the game?”

Blair: “Well I scored all our teams’ points, if you care about that.”

Girlfriend: “That’s amazing. Hey takeout tonight? Was thinking Chinese.”

*flips on local news*

Blair: “Chicken and broccoli for me, hold the broccoli.”

*news report shows Blair missing winning kick*

Girlfriend: “You didn’t say you missed a 27-yard field goal?!”

Blair: “You didn’t ask.”

*Girlfriend mutters under her breath*

“I knew I should’ve stayed with Sebastian.”

Eh, who could blame her?

Brutal, brutal ending to that Vikes/Seahawks game. Both teams struggled to move the ball all game, as was expected, but after that 15-yard penalty on Kam Chancellor, no one thought Walsh would whiff on a 27-yarder. Especially after hitting from 43 and 47.

And for everyone comparing the miss to Ray Finkle’s laces out catastrophe, Ray’s was 26 yards and missed wide right, not left. You even watch the movie?

Also, I don’t know why Blair’s fictional girlfriend wasn’t either at the game or watching. Maybe that’s the root of their relationship problem.

*2 weeks later, Ace shows up in Boca*

“What do you know about Blair Walsh?”

Ace: “Rugby-style kicker, graduated Cardinal Gibbons High June 2008, University of Georgia speech communication class of 2012, 10/10 rookie season from 50+, long 56 yards, college nickname “Athens Assassin,” the first and only non-senior citizen ever to come out of Boca Raton, and one hell of a model American.”

*Blair’s dad opens door, throws Ace clean pair of shorts*

P.S- Ray Finkle’s mom saying “What a sports nut, huh?” creeps me out to this day. (3:03 mark)

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