Ben Simmons Taking Rest Days In Summer League Should Scare The Rest Of The League

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Philadelphia 76ers head coach Brett Brown has defended Ben Simmons after NBA great Isiah Thomas slammed the Australian teenager for sitting out Summer League games.

The 76ers opted not to play Simmons for a second consecutive day on Thursday when they took on the Brooklyn Nets.

Brown said Simmons wanted to play, but after consulting with the team’s coaches and medical staff it was decided to rest him.

“This is our direction, it has nothing to do with him,” Brown, who said it was his duty to look after the health of his young players, told ESPN.

Ben Simmons has taken some heat for taking rest days in Summer League. You’ve got all-time greats like Isiah Thomas coming out of the woodwork telling Simmons he needs to be humble. He can’t just walk onto the court like he owns the place and take selfies with fans without throwing on his Summer League jersey to take charges and play fundamental zone defense.

Well what if Ben Simmons needs the rest days because he’s so tired from hitting the gym? Ever think of that? Maybe Simmons has decided he’d rather spend time lifting dumbbells than committing dumb fouls. He’s too busy lifting heavy weights and dribbling around cones in the morning to take on future D-league and Turkish league stars in the Vegas heat. Why do you think he’s been hesitant to shoot when he’s on the court? He obviously just finished leg day¬†and can’t get any lift on his shot. You think he’s gonna even attempt a cross court chest pass after working on his pecs? No thanks.

So instead of ridiculing Simmons for taking a couple days off to work on his body, how about commending him for getting into “basketball shape?” Just look at the Spurs. They rest their old guys all the time and now Manu Ginobili is earning a $14 million deal at age 39. Imagine the kind of numbers Ben Simmons could put up if he never plays a back-to-back during the season. He may not lead the league in triple doubles but he sure as hell won’t tighten up in April when the 76ers have a meaningless game in Charlotte.


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