In Seattle’s last eight games, Russ threw 25 touchdowns and only two picks, posting a passer rating 123.7 or above six times. Like the Steelers, the ‘Hawks were a popular pick late this season to sneak into the playoffs and make noise. But after Seattle’s week 16 loss to St. Louis, the hype has vanished.
Listen, everyone’s on the Chiefs. My grandma, your grandma, your grandma’s housekeeper, your aunt’s best friend’s flower guy, Andy Reid, Andy Reid’s electrician, and even my fellow WTBU staffers. And I can see why. The Chiefs haven’t lost a game since October.
*Lawson pulls over* Officer: “License and registration pleas– Hey Ty, how’s it going? Good to see you again.” Ty: “Officer McNulty, what’s up man, how are the kids?” Officer: “Good, Cindy’s in grade school and Christy just made honor roll. She’s got her mother’s brain (chuckles).
Markieff: “No, coach, I wasn’t throwing that towel at you, was just throwing it at that chair.” *points at chair not remotely close to Hornacek” Markieff: “Didn’t mean to hit you, I have bad aim, just look at my field-goal percentage. But if you think I was trying to hit you and want to trade me, that’s cool too.”
As usual, it seems like the NFL is trying to protect its own backside. They don’t want to fund a study that will show how prevalent head trauma is in the NFL because 1) It will expose the league again for not doing enough and 2) It could impact viewership.
It’s the same old rhetoric. “We played hard,” “We battled,” “Coach drew up a great game plan,” “I’m just here so I won’t get fined.” Unfortunately, sports press conferences have become totally void of insight. Reporters ask questions like, “LeBron,
So I’m going to Montreal this weekend. A little mid-summer family trip, so figured I’d make a list of what I want to accomplish. Purchase a Chad Johnson Montreal Alouette Jersey Why? Simple. Chicks dig the Montreal Alouette’s, at least
ESPN While it wasn’t exactly a warm greeting, Sacramento Kings coach George Karl and center DeMarcus Cousins shared a handshake Monday at the NBA summer league. As Karl approached Cousins at the summer league, Cousins shook the coach’s hand, put
So I picked up a little sweat at the gym today. Nothing major, just a little pickup basketball with some random asian guys bros.  My team went 0-2 but you could say I was a top performer. You could also say I
via “Even if you don’t follow the NBA, there’s a good chance you know who Riley Curry is. Stephen Curry’s 2-year-old daughter stole the sports spotlight Tuesday night when she made an appearance during the Warriors star’s press conference following Golden
Before anyone cared about where I would work as a summer tennis attendant, I was a kid from Beachway. It’s where I walked (to school). It’s where I ran (a semi-profitable lemonade stand). It’s where I cried. It’s where I bled.
Hey everybody, Valentine’s Day is coming up! It’s such a great holiday, right? I mean you got Cupid, chocolate, heart-shaped boxes, real love, fake love, online dating, last minute Tinder profile edits, well-thought-out Tinder profile edits, and even desperate, late-night,
Picture it. Your local college, office building, elementary school, major league soccer practice facility, liquor store, warehouse, junior high (nobody calls it this), or YMCA (do these still exist?), is anticipating a massive snowstorm. You are expected to be snowed-in
Ah, March Madness. A three-week stretch when heart rates elevate, GPA’s drop and benchwarmers slay air guitar solos after timely three-point shots. No, seriously. Those scrubs can rock a bass with the best of them. You’ll hear legendary broadcaster Dick
The likelihood that the National Football League’s Point After Touchdown try, known as the PAT or the extra point, will be successful is akin to the likelihood that Taylor Swift will awkwardly dance at an award show. If you like
Crisp cuts, sharp pick and rolls and rapid ball movement are some traits that constitute a quality pickup basketball game.  Unfortunately, when you play with people that do not know the game of basketball (or people that possess idiosyncratic characteristics),