Agent Gaad walked into that Thailand hotel room expecting one thing. Lots of sex with his Thai wife, well-cooked Thai food, and no KGB guys trying to extract information from him. Okay, that was more than one thing, but it sounds more dramatic that way.
A great Friday wake-up to get the blood flowing. We’ve all wanted to run on the field. We’ve all wanted to feel the outfield grass. The rush of juking security. The fear of getting caught. The thrill of hiding behind Johnny Damon’s ass.
I don’t even know what to say. That was the weirdest video I’ve ever watched. But I couldn’t take my eyes off it. My question is has Eric never heard of Tinder before? Maybe he should go that avenue because no one in their right mind could watch this video and think “that’s my soul mate.”
I can see why Gibbons is pissed. He’s an old school baseball guy. Probably says things like “put one on his chin” and actually carries a book of written. unwritten baseball rules. I’m sure he makes his kid finish a full bag of sunflower seeds each night before bed and disciplines the kid by making him sleep without shoes.
Contrary to the tone of this title, I actually like the idea. You got your Twitter feed up on the side of your screen and the game to the other. You can immediately tweet your thoughts and probably rewind and post awesome plays. Also it’s free which is huge for people who have cancelled cable subscriptions.