Andre Iguodala Admits That Oklahoma City Should’ve Won The Title In A Weird Motivational Tool For Kevin Durant

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Iguodala gave that label to the team his Golden State Warriors beat in the Western Conference finals — Oklahoma City — and said he believes the Thunder deserved to win the title.

“They played us better than anyone,” Iguodala told Power 105.1 radio in New York on Wednesday. “They played us better than Cleveland. Some of the stuff they was doing, it’s like … ‘Oh, man. We gotta play perfect.'”

“Now that we got KD, I can say it: They were the best team last year in the league in the playoffs,” Iguodala said of OKC. “They were better than us. They were better than Cleveland. They were the best team in the playoffs. They should’ve won a championship.”

Iggy are you trying to piss Kevin Durant off? You may want to play nice with your new teammate who literally gives you the best NBA starting lineup in history. Instead of mocking him about how close he came to a title and how he should’ve won but fucked up, maybe take him to lunch. Show him around the Bay Area. Let him sleep with your wife, I don’t know, do something to make him feel at home.

Or maybe this is a smart move by Iggy. Woo KD away from OKC, make him feel comfortable and wanted, then push him to work his ass off by taunting him about last season. Iguodala seems like the kind of friend who pranks you and messes with you but has your best interests in heart. The kind of buddy who will scream at you in the gym till you finish your set and call you a pussy till you fight back, but will talk about how wonderful you are behind your back. Everyone needs that friend. The hard exterior softy who just wants to see you reach your potential. It’s beautiful really.

So to answer my own question I think Iggy does want to piss Kevin Durant off. He wants him to get angry. To get mean. Like Gordon from Dodgeball when he knocked the stuffing out of the Flying Cougars.

Now I’m not exactly comparing Andre Iguodala to Patches O’Houlihan, but let’s just say it wouldn’t surprise me if Iggy pregamed the Finals with a sterile cup of urine.

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