Anderson Varejao Shows He Is The Classiest Warrior By Not Accepting A Cavaliers Championship Ring

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Anderson Varejao is eligible to receive his first NBA championship ring, but instead plans to remain loyal to the Golden State Warriors and will not accept the hardware, according to Ohio-based reporter Sam Amico.

The 6-11 big man spent 11 full seasons with the Cleveland Cavaliers before being dealt to the Portland Trail Blazers on Feb. 18 in a three-team deal that involved the Orlando Magic, who sent Channing Frye to the Cavs…

There’s no NBA policy mandating a ring for players not on the roster by midseason; that decision would be up to the Cavaliers’ front office. But, if offered, Varejao told the Cavs he would no accept the ring out of respect for his Warriors teammates, Amico’s report said.

We hear the word “class” get thrown around on sports television shows these days. But is there anything classier than not accepting a championship ring you basically had no part in achieving? Anderson could easily accept this ring and nobody would question him. We’ve seen precedent set by Bengie Molina in 2010 when he accepted a ring for the San Francisco Giants as a member of the Texas Rangers. But Molina also batted .182 in that World Series so he definitely played a part in that Giants win.

Varejao, on the other hand, was the ultimate competitor in this year’s Finals. His flopping became legendary, as he was hailed a team player for falling to the ground the second an opponent made physical contact with him. For a guy that committed more personal fouls than he scored points in the Finals, (11 fouls, 7 points) it’s no surprise Varejao has too much pride to accept a pity ring. That would be like keeping your engagement ring after your fiance leaves you at the altar. It leaves a bad taste in your mouth, even if you avoided a lifetime of nagging from Dan Gilbert.

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