Aldon Smith Is A Smart Man For Leaking A Video Of Himself Clearly Smoking Weed

Oakland Raiders linebacker Aldon Smith, using a nickname, posted a live video to Periscopepossibly showing him smoking marijuana.

The 26-year-old former San Francisco 49er is currently serving a one-year suspension for violating the NFL’s substance abuse policy.

The video was first uncovered by CSN Bay Area, which called it “questionable,” but did not confirm that Smith was smoking weed or that it was him in the video. The station did confirm that it is Smith’s Periscope account. The video shows a man, whose face is not seen, talking with a woman while holding a blunt (a hollowed out cigar often filled with marijuana).

Everyone’s saying this is a dumb move by Aldon Smith. He didn’t alter his voice, or throw out a fake name, or show any remorse for doing a popular recreational drug in his own home that doesn’t hurt anyone or reduce his 40 time. But I think we’re all being a little naive.

This is clearly a tactical move from a guy trying to get his career back on track.  You think a dude experienced in smoking weed would be coughing that much from one blunt hit? Of course not. He made this video to show the league office that he isn’t as much of a degenerate as they think he is. There’s just no way a guy who was arrested five times in three years as a 49er would put up a video of himself smoking weed unless he had an ulterior motive. Why would he say his name at the end of the video unless he wanted the NFL to investigate him for breaking league protocol?

Sure, he could’ve made a periscope account under a fake name, not known that periscope videos get saved, and recorded himself smoking weed, laughing that no one would find out it was him. But more realistically, he wants the attention. He wants the background check, the drug-sniffing dogs, the tweets calling him “immature” or “stupid” or “bad at rolling blunts.” It’s kind of a low key brag that he’s coming up on his one-year mark of the last time he was arrested. In AA, you get rewarded with a chip and a room full of people telling you how strong you are for making it one year. In the NFL, you get made fun of for accidentally posting a video under an alias. It’s a clear double standard of justice.

So the league will investigate Aldon and find a guy who hasn’t been arrested since August unable to take one hit of marijuana without hacking up a lung. Sounds more like a guy who’s been working on his three-technique in the scout’s lot than a guy trying to buy an 8-ball in the parking lot.

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