Adam Morrison Refutes Claim That He Houses An Apocalypse Bunker– Morrison appeared on “The Vertical Podcast with JJ Redick” that was released on Monday. He said on the podcast, referring to Wiltjer, that he had never been to his house and that he did not have any sort of bunker. He said he does own two gun safes and owns everything legally.

Here is the transcript of the answer when asked about the bunker by current Los Angeles Clippers player and former Duke star JJ Redick:

“There is no truth to that. Let me set up the whole situation. I am from Washington. It is a very friendly gun state. It is kind of like Texas where you can buy a rifle, you can buy a hand gun and wait five days. So I own 80 acres. I go shooting maybe once a month on my property. I do everything legally, obviously I am not a felon or anything like that. In today’s day and age I have to say all of that just to make sure. The kid has never been to my house so I do not know where he got the idea of a bunker but I have a closet with two gun safes, I guess, so that’s where the idea came of having a bunker I guess.”

Wiltjer appeared on the podcast “Pardon My Take” for the March 24th edition and said Morrison owns his own Doomsday shelter.

That’s exactly what someone who has an apocalypse bunker but doesn’t want anyone mooching off his apocalypse bunker would say. You think Morrison’s gonna spill the beans? Think he’s gonna tell you about all the ammunition, hunting rifles and canned beets? He may as well just open up the place to the public. Point it out to J.J. on Google Maps. Let everyone in Spokane have a key and tell them to feel right at home.

Are you kidding me? Of course Morrison’s gonna deny the existence of his survival hut. What’s the point of a super cool apocalypse bunker if you tell everyone about it? Then when the apocalypse happens you get locked out of your digs. Real good thinking there J.J. Adam got you hook line and sinker. You may have had the better NBA career but he’s got you in the brains department. Adam was probably even in the apocalypse bunker during this phone call. Just laughing his ass off afterwards with a loaf of bread and some recently cooked game.

If you believe Morrison’s not a doomsday prepper you probably also believe him when he says he’s not trying to make an NBA comeback. When there is no apocalypse that bunker is being used for two things. 1. Avoiding the wife and kids and 2. Hooping it up. Adam said he owns 80 acres but he probably just has a little mini-hoop hung up next to the deer head. I can just imagine him popping turnaround jumpers pretending he’s back in the NCAA tournament. Dropping finger rolls at the rim, absorbing the invisible contact. Hitting up GM’s on the sly with video of his tape and a couple coolers of canned tomatoes as goodwill.

Basically I trust Big Cat’s journalism instincts up there with the likes of Walter Cronkite and that Virginia fraternity rape reporter. All integrity, no sources.

P.S- I’d imagine the pornstache is still strong.

Adam_Morrison stache

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