In Seattle’s last eight games, Russ threw 25 touchdowns and only two picks, posting a passer rating 123.7 or above six times. Like the Steelers, the ‘Hawks were a popular pick late this season to sneak into the playoffs and make noise. But after Seattle’s week 16 loss to St. Louis, the hype has vanished.
Listen, everyone’s on the Chiefs. My grandma, your grandma, your grandma’s housekeeper, your aunt’s best friend’s flower guy, Andy Reid, Andy Reid’s electrician, and even my fellow WTBU staffers. And I can see why. The Chiefs haven’t lost a game since October.
*Lawson pulls over* Officer: “License and registration pleas– Hey Ty, how’s it going? Good to see you again.” Ty: “Officer McNulty, what’s up man, how are the kids?” Officer: “Good, Cindy’s in grade school and Christy just made honor roll. She’s got her mother’s brain (chuckles).